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Problem with Linkpoint connect

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Topic: Problem with Linkpoint connect
Posted By: wittco
Subject: Problem with Linkpoint connect
Date Posted: 07 January 2010 at 2:11pm
I have the correct urls in my Linkpoint Connect settings but when I'm in the shopping cart and click on checkout, in goes to a Linkpoint page which says: " Form Processing Error
The following errors occurred while processing your request:
It is not possible to order from the store at this time.
Contact the merchant for further information (error 1002).

Linkpoint says it's a RomanCart problem

Below is the process I've done so far:

I have gone to 'configure cart/setup payment methods' and then clicked on 'configure Linkpoint' on that page.
On your 'LinkPoint configure information' page I entered my store name (Wittco Enterprises) and chose the option of what type of sale to 'Sale' I did not check the 'tick' for a test transaction.
I logged into my Linkpoint account but as per the directions on your 'setting up payment methods' page, But I have no 'top menu' option of 'Customization'. The top menu I get consists of 'Virtual Terminal'; 'Reports'; 'Support';   & 'Administration'. However, under the 'Administration' tab, there is a tab for 'Connect Settings' which has the places to enter the information listed on the Romancart 'Linkpoint Configuration Information' page. I do have the 'Use SSL on checkout page' ticked and I have entered the urls for the 'Submission' form URL, the 'Confirmation form URL, and the 'Failure Page'. and have ticked the 'URL is a CGI script' box. Instead of a tick box for 'Auto Forwarding' as your instructions say, mine page has tick boxes which say: 'Automatically display Confirmation Page after the Connect receipt page' (I'm sure they mean the same thing)
I ticked both those boxes.
And then of course I have hit the 'Submit' button. But I get the above message from Linkpoint telling me I have the 1002 error.
thanks in advance for helping me
Robert (wittco)

Posted By: wittco
Date Posted: 08 January 2010 at 1:58pm

I see you have responded to others recently so am wondering why I can't get any help with my problem.
As far as I can tell, I have everything entered properly but keep getting the same error message.(see my original post)
I only assume you have received my emails regarding this matter but since you haven't replied, I'm wondering if my messages are getting through or not.


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