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Alphabetical Listing in Order Details

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Topic: Alphabetical Listing in Order Details
Posted By: Nobby
Subject: Alphabetical Listing in Order Details
Date Posted: 16 August 2010 at 12:23pm
Hi Support
Ages back I asked if it would be at all possible to have the option to view an order with the products listed A-Z.
The reason is for ease of warehouse picking.
At the moment the order comes through as the custome selects it which can bare no resmeblence to where the stock is situated in the warehouse.

With an A-Z/123 listing I could alter the product name from "Product 1" to "ABC Product 1" which then relates to row A, bay B and shelf C in the warehouse.

I don't know what other people think but this would save me time, shoe leather and wages, not to mention eliminating picking errors and how much easier staff training would be.

The reason I bring the subject up again is I've noticed the Quick Despatch e-mail actually lists the products in A-Z format which shows it can be done.

So would it be possible either to have an A-Z option for the order details or the creation of a seperate form, similar to the despatch e-mail but with customer details, alongside the Invoice and Delivery Note?


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