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adding a shipping overide problem

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Topic: adding a shipping overide problem
Posted By: audioaudio
Subject: adding a shipping overide problem
Date Posted: 24 February 2013 at 5:11am

I am trying to set up a specific postage cost for a particular item, and I cannot figure out how this is done.

I have weight based shipping on all my items, but have put some new items on there that are very light, but valuable.

Therefore, I wanted to have a specific postage cost that I could attribute to specific items. I thought that the "shipping override" is what I use for this, once a shipping new method is made, and chose the "basic" method as shown in the screen cast, but however I set it, it overrides ALL items and puts that first in the shipping cost for any item.

For instance, if the item is worth £5 and the item is light, the postage cost was £2.70, set from the weight based shipping I have set up, but as soon as I made the "basic" shipping method, this now comes up over the weight based one and in the basket now shows the product as costing £5.90 to ship.

What I am looking for is a way to set it so that it only shows that delivery method for the specific items I choose, leaving the rest using the weight based method.

Please can you help, and in an easy to understand manner.

Thank you.



I tried another way to get this to work by setting Special Delivery to a low weight range, then setting all the other shipping methods to just above that range, and making sure only the light, high value items have the special delivery weight range.
At first I thought it worked, but then when adding a heavy, low value item after the high value, low weight item, the shipping changed to the other methods which do not have enough insurance (i.e. parcelforce 48 or standard parcels).
Is there a way to make it so that the high value item's shipping method is separate from any other items that might be added afterwards so that I can have both shipping methods paid added together in the cart ?

I cannot seem to find a way around this seemingly simple problem.

Thank you.

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Posted By: Support James
Date Posted: 25 February 2013 at 12:36pm
Hi Audioaudio,

I have just replied to you via the support email address.

However I am hoping some of our romancart merchants may also jump in with advice on how they have setup their shipping methods and offer more useful advice...

Hi Colin,

I have read through this email thread.

Before we go any further, I checked your weight based special delivery method. You have one weight band in the special delivery method which is….

251.01 to 251.2

You are selling cartridges and have given them a weight of 251.01

You are selling some other items, some example weights of your other products are 0.25 and 3 and 0.2 (I picked three random products from your manager for an example)

You say…

The problem arises when I add a second low weight, high value item, because then, the shipping is removed completely from the cart.

As mentioned by simon, this is because your shipping bands aren’t large enough. “Therefore if one item is 251.01 then 2 would be 502.02”. All your cartridges are 251.01. So what is happening….

Add 1 cartridge to the basket and the weight is 251.01.

This does fall within the 251.01 to 251.2

But then you add 2 and this happens….

251.01 (one item) + 251.01 (the second item) = 502.02. This obviously is greater than 251.2 and so it falls outside the band. As it falls outside the band there is no valid shipping method and so nothing appears.

If you were to increase your bands to let’s say 251.01 to 1000, then you could add at least three cartridges.

251.01 + 251.01 + 251.01 = 753.03. 753.03 is not greater than 1000 and so the shipping method will still appear because it is valid.

Using the same example if you were to add 4 cartridges….

251.01 + 251.01 + 251.01 + 251.01 = 1004.04. This is greater than 1000 and so falls outside the band.

Going even further into this I checked another random item of yours. It had a weight of 3.

We can do the maths again…

251.01 + 3 = 254.01. This is higher than your current highest band of 251.2. This is why simon recommend you have an exceptionally high value like 10000 or maybe even higher, this way you can add the expensive items and smaller items and still have a valid shipping method.

You can even get more advanced if you so wish! Taking two products, you could add one item with a weight of 251.01 and have a band like this…

251.01 to 251.01 = £5

But then you can manipulate this further, could make a band like this…

254.01 to 254.01 = £7. This means if a customer adds one item that weighs 251.01 and another item that weighs 3 they see a special price but if they added two items that weigh 251.01 then they wont see this special price, see this an example of advanced bands….

251.01 to 251.01 = 3
254.01 to 254.01 =8
502.02 to 502.02 = 6
508.02 to 508.02 = 16

From what you have told us, the only way to get around this is to use weight based shipping to manipulate the shipping manager. This is the only way around this, hopefully my explanation has made this clear and you can see just what you can do with weight based shipping methods.

The short answer is just increase your bands to much higher value.

Let us know if this still doesn’t make sense and we will endeavour to make it more clear.



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