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Storefront and Widgets on all Upgrades

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Topic: Storefront and Widgets on all Upgrades
Posted By: Support
Subject: Storefront and Widgets on all Upgrades
Date Posted: 13 June 2014 at 9:24am

We are pleased to announce that RomanCart storefront - which lets you paste an entire shop onto a website - great for wordpress - and The new Widgets feature - great for adding complex products to your site - are both now available with any RomanCart upgrade.

The free version of the cart allows you to trial these features for 2 weeks.

Note that you can have a storefront store in addition to your main site, so you could create an additional wordpress store selling your products as well and the stock would all be taken from the same place.

Many thanks

Posted By: mikebrady
Date Posted: 07 July 2014 at 4:33pm
I am trying to use the button widgets and have two queries.

1. I want people to be able to use the widget to pay donations. However, it seems I have to set a stock level for this as I use stock levels for some physical items (I don't want to disable this globally). I cannot find a way to deactivate stock levels for a single item. Is it possible? (In the meantime I have set the stock to 1,000,000 as it will take many decades for that to zero!).

2. The default widget button displays 'in stock' buttons and other information that is not useful in the context of making a donation. I have created a new template and deleted various lines from the coding, and changed the text displayed by the 'quantity' field to 'Donation ' (while setting the unit price - not displayed - to 1.00). That has given me a working donate widget. However, it seems that all items in the product manager have to use the same button widget. Or is there a way that I can set the button widget template to use for each type of order (or, better still, override a default when I want to, so I can use my 'donate' or other template when required)?

Posted By: mikebrady
Date Posted: 07 July 2014 at 5:08pm
I thought I would try asking these questions using the Romancart online chat facility and received immediate answers - so kudos for that.

The solutions:

1. It's not possible but you have done the right thing, the best option is to set that product's stock to a high number like 99999.

2. When you setup a widget template it will be given an ID. When you get the code for the widget it will have three numbers. One is your store ID and the the one next to that is the unique product ID. next to that will be a zero, change the zero the widget templates ID.

So problems solved.

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