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Shipping costs

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Topic: Shipping costs
Posted By: dublevay
Subject: Shipping costs
Date Posted: 18 December 2017 at 10:17pm

We have a shop up and running (" rel="nofollow - ), which is selling two main ranges of items. Metal flues - and Isokern Pumice flues.

Pumice flues are very heavy - and just one item means we need to charge £50 shipping, purely because it needs to go on a palette. Nowever, the metal flues are much cheaper to courier, and if we charge, it's £15 total.

Is it possible, using the same basket, to have two seperate courier calculations? Essentially, we'd want it to be:

For metal flue sales between 0 and £99.99 - charge £15 shipping. Over that free.
For Isokern flues sales between 0 and £199.99 - charge £50 shipping. Over that free.

If someone ordered £25 of metal flues, and £25 of Isokern flues, then we'd want to be charging them £65 shipping. But if they ordered £100 of metal flues and £25 of Isokern flues, we'd want to charge them £50.

Is this possible using the standard Romancart functions? I did wonder about using weights to do it - and saying that all Isokern items are 500kg or something - but it seems a bit of a hack.

Posted By: dublevay
Date Posted: 27 December 2017 at 11:36pm

Is there seriously no way to do this? I've tried experimenting, but cannot really get it to do what we want.



Posted By: Support
Date Posted: 28 December 2017 at 7:32am

In this circumstance you use shipping override.

For example you have a shipping method called 'UK Delivery'

This may be whatever you want e.g. weight based.

However on the Pumice Flue you enter the shipping override value in the item properties for that shipping method as the price of pallet shipping.

We normally use the example of selling feathers and anvils.
If you sell 1000 feathers the price will be for example £2.
However if you sell 1000 feathers and an anvil, the system will look at all the shipping overrides and use the highest one. IN this example if the anvil had a shipping override of £100 then the total shipping cost would be £100.

Note that the system supports one shipping method per order. (Although you can set up multiple dispatches for the orders).

looking at your original post, you can set shipping methods to be free over a certain value etc.

Many Thanks

Posted By: dublevay
Date Posted: 28 December 2017 at 9:23pm
OK - thanks. In the end, I simply set all of the palette-delivered items to be 1000kg, with the lighter, courier stuff being 0kg in weight.

For 0-999kg, I charge £12.50 shipping. For 1000kg and over, I charge £65 shipping. If the total order exceeds £200, I give free shipping.

It doesn't really provide exactly what I want, as I cannot seem to treat the light and heavy objects individually for shipping purposes - but it should hopefully be good enough for now.

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