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Export Sales Data

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Topic: Export Sales Data
Posted By: EddieODG
Subject: Export Sales Data
Date Posted: 01 March 2022 at 10:12am
Has there been a change / is there a problem with the export Sales Data function?

I normally go to the page, enter the dates, and download, without touching the other settings, as I believe a default single file.

Yesterday, in trying to download the weekends sales into my excel program to create my shipping labels, the format downloaded had changed from normal.
Whereas, in the past, when opening the zip file and clicking on the unzipped file, it would open with the data in separate columns in Excel, yesterday, it opened as a document with all data in single cells

in A1:

in the past it would show:

in A1

in A2

The following rows of data were similarly affected.

I have tried changing the deliminator from comma to pipe, and also ticked and unticked the enclose in double-quotes field - only to find that the data is still all in the first cell of each line, but with the obvious change to the separators.

Using the excel inbuilt import from comma deliminated fields does not work well, as, for example, what may be in field "Address1" might be something like:
"2, The Street"
So placing the street address in two separate fields, making all other cells for that data row move to the right, under the wrong headings.
In the past, that data entry would all fall in one cell under "Address1" column.

I note that there has been a change in the date / time format, and wonder if the download has been changed at the same time.

Please advise how to get it back to the data being in separate cells, otherwise I am going to have to completely revise my label creating spreadsheet that amalgamated data from Romancart and other sources.

Posted By: RowanEng
Date Posted: 02 March 2022 at 10:13am
Similar problem here.

I used to "Export Sales Data" and edit the .csv in excel for our dispatch.

Now each row of the .csv data is in column A and not separate columns as the csv was.

The download seems to contain new control characters (null bytes etc) and excel does not know how to handle them and just put everything in 1 cell.

Please advise on how to handle the .csv downloads since the changes.

Thanks. Dave.

Posted By: EddieODG
Date Posted: 02 March 2022 at 10:29am
I am pleased to find that I am not alone in suffering this problem... suggesting that it is not something I am doing.
Unfortunately, as for many sellers, Monday will be the busiest day for shipping, and so to find that something so important has been fiddled with over the weekend, and then changed is disappointing. It took me a long time to manually create shipping labels that I have specifically created an Excel spreadsheet to do with the exported sales data.

I have been waiting several weeks now for Romancart to resolve the split testing feature, which is not working, and appears to not have been looked at for years, as I was first told that the link given to paste into my site was wrong, and needed to be changed to https...

Well that was quickly dealt with.

But the split testing would still not work, and was told they would need to look at it as it was probably due to how cookies were now handled... that was a few weeks back, and despite emailing to ask for an update, I have heard nothing.

Now into the second day after posting this problem, still no response from Romancart.

Posted By: JamesRose
Date Posted: 02 March 2022 at 2:50pm
To the developers of RomanCart, the problem is the csv file in the zip folder has a null byte after every character for some reason, which is causing Excel to not be able to split the csv file into columns. Take a look at a csv file inside of a hex editor such as HxD.

To anyone wanting a quick fix for the moment, providing you have the modern version of Excel you can import it a different way.

- Firstly unzip the zip file, then open a new workbook in Excel.
- Click the Data tab, Get Data, From Text/CSV
- Select the csv file from the unzipped folder
- After selecting the csv a dialog should appear, ensure that file origin is 1200: Unicode and then click load.
- If you want to remove the formatting added from the importer, save the file as a CSV and then open it again and the formatting will be removed.

Posted By: EddieODG
Date Posted: 04 March 2022 at 3:29pm
It seems to have been corrected today.
Thank you.

Posted By: Support
Date Posted: 04 March 2022 at 3:48pm
Yes - sorry for lack of info on this thread.
This has now been sorted out.
Many Thanks

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