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Affiliate marketing setup challenges

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Topic: Affiliate marketing setup challenges
Posted By: teamsurv
Subject: Affiliate marketing setup challenges
Date Posted: 24 November 2017 at 9:16am
I've just been setting up affiliate marketing for our site.
One issue that makes this particularly challenging is that RomanCart only allow 1 affiliate application signup per IP address, so when developing and configuring it you can only submit 1 test case to see if it works.

This means that you can't test if it all works - you can test either the path for accepting an affiliate, or the path for rejecting the affiliate, but not both.

Also, if you don't get it configured right the first time you can, of course, make changes, but you can't actually see if those changes work. As trial and error is needed to optimise it (e.g. no samples of the default accept/decline emails are given, and no information on whether HTML or the RomanCart codes can be included in your text), this is a fun challenge to have!

Apparently this restriction was put in to prevent web sites being spammed by automated affiliate signups, which is fair enough, but if it had been thought through there would be a checkbox to enable it to be disabled for development purposes.

As RomanCart say there is no way round this, the only option seems to be to head into town for the day and cruise from one coffee shop to another, using their Wi-Fi to get round the restriction.

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